Anthropocene Topographies

This series of paintings is made from several hundred layers of synthetic polymer paints, including acrylic, latex and spray enamels. The resulting patterns resemble topographical maps, perhaps of some futuristic anthropocene era landscape.




One of my persistent intentions is to reveal the symmetry that human’s actions possess with other creatures and to natural phenomena. I wish to reveal the primal aspects of human action as it is in accordance with the laws of nature. I wish to take a rationalist and objectivist desire to experiment, to expose and reveal without an agenda of what the final forms look like.

This is countered by an intuitive, formalist approach to art making, fueled with a romanticist aesthetic. I tend to use found objects and abject, discarded debris and trash. More than an ecological concern, it is an economic way of finding a source material that is ubiquitous and abundantly available, where the materials’ past uses also fill them with residue, history and meaning.

© 2017 Paul Burn